ClassDojo Success Story: A Sit in With The Founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don.

ClassDojo is a communication platform where teachers and parents meet, usually daily to track the performance of students and identify, empower the future development of kids. This ambitious app dates back to 2011 when the founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don took a pragmatic approach to organizing some face-time with parents, teachers, and students. The next phase was the launching of the app.

The app is now used in more than 180 countries, and 2 in 3 schools in the US embrace this technology. To date, ClassDojo has managed to raise venture capital of approximately $31 million.
Chaudhary, 30, the co-founder of ClassDojo had a sit-in with his newspaper to open up about their tech firm, education technology, and student privacy. Here are the key pointers from the sit-in:
The beginning

ClassDojo started out as a system for parents to get feedback from teachers regarding students. However, it has now transformed into a communication platform. It pretty much works like the social media but in a unique way. The teachers get the app, add the class list and later invite parents. The teacher in return shares vital information about the student’s progress. Data can be shared utilizing pictures or videos of activities the student is undertaking.

Student privacy
Student privacy concerns are by no means contagious issues when it comes to ClassDojo. The owners have always put forth three things into perspective: control, security, and privacy. They are quite clear that inseminated information is for the parents, and they get to decide what to do with it. They can delete it, change it or remove it altogether. There is no sharing or passing on of information whatsoever.

Money back
Chaudhary said that money has never been the motive since they launched the ClassDojo app. The philosophy has always been a free for all to use an app. But with time some premium features may be added for people to pay for.

Measurement of performance
The use of the ClassDojo is purely up to teachers and parents. For teaching staff, the district has catered for it so using it is not a problem. The aim of the founders is to ensure that as many people as possible use the app to create a positive culture in classroom and schools. They achieve this by creating engaging videos with discussion guides to attract more students, parents, and teachers.

Chaudhary’s teaching experience
Chaudhary was taught from the onset that a classroom was more of a community than a competitive setup. He grew up with the philosophy that a classroom is some form of symbiotic relationship where if one person doesn’t understand a concept, he should get help from another party and vice versa.

Creating the avatar monsters
Chaudhary says that the idea of setting up the avatar monsters was a fluke. The initial version was empty boxes, and they didn’t want to put in pictures of kids. That’s how the avatar monsters came to play, and everyone came to like it. They’ve never looked back.

Plans for the next decade
The primary strategy and mission of ClassDojo are to empower parents, teachers and students to change education system from the ground up. A growth mindset is an accurate reflection of that future. If this school concept is taken positively and embraced on the entire globe, that would be a great achievement for ClassDojo.



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