David Bowie Lost Fight with Cancer


David Bowie was an incredible entertainer, sharing his singing talent with the world for decades. His entry into the celebrity morgue on January 10, 2016 shocked and saddened his fans to the core. Bowie suffered from liver cancer and it was diagnosed some 18 months prior to his death. He was 69-years-old.


Bowie was best known for hit tunes such as “Let’s Dance”, “Under Pressure” and “Space Odyssey”. Fans never quite knew what new side of him they would see. He was known for his eclectic music, even singing a duet with Bing Crosby on the Christmas song “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy”. He gave all he had to his craft and entertaining the masses.


Fans around the world held vigils and memorials for the music genius. His family asked for privacy during their grieving period and the funeral services. He was cremated and little is known about his burial place. His fans continued to hold various activities in memory of the late singer for months after his death. The family did not endorse any of these activities as official.


He precedes the death of many musical talents, but his years were far younger. It is hard to imagine that in the next ten years we could lose such amazing singers as Doris Day, now 92-years-old, Tony Bennett, now 90-years-old and Julie Andrews, now 81-years-old. The world will never be the same without Bowie, who by all accounts, lived a full life with great fanfare through the decades. Though it may not be today, Day, Bennett and Andrews will follow behind him, fondly and lovingly remembered as the best the entertainment field had to give.

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