Earth Force Seeks Fund to Transform Youths into Environmental Ambassadors

Participating in activities that are aimed at achieving a clean environment is one step towards achieving productivity, safety, reputation, health, and other important aspects of life. The need to care for the environment should be nurtured in youths so that they can grow to become environmental ambassadors. If you’re hooked into his Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll know that Jon Urbana is an environmental champion who is working towards ensuring the youths are enlightened on the importance of living in a clean environment.

Earth Force Inc. Fundraiser campaign

Urbana is supporting the fundraising campaign, which aims at seeking funds to finance the programs run by Earth Force Inc. His ties to outdoor causes date back to Jon’s playing days at Villanova, Earth Force is a non-profit entity that mobilizes local youths to undertake active roles that will improve environment in their area of residence. The youths are trained in various problem-solving skills to deal with environmental challenges that they are likely to face. The organization collaborates with over 100 organizations to support the youths.

Earth Force aims to raise $1,750 through its GoFundMe Campaign. The funds will be used to finance Earth Force programs such as health, sustainability, and water. The non-profit organization’s goal is to raise a pool of environmental citizens who strives to ensure the dream of the clean and healthy environment becomes a reality. The original article can be found on WRCB TV;

About Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana was born and brought up in the beautiful state of Colorado. In an article published on WRCB TV, he says being surrounded by a healthy environment strengthened his interest in supporting global efforts of realizing a sustainable environment. He enjoys working with youths and witness their passion for the environment grow. Urbana runs a Lacrosse camp that attracts many youths every summer. His goal is to ensure his passion for the environment is transferred to the young people. The desire to shape the life of young people motivated Urbana to support the efforts of Earth Force Inc.