Entrepreneur Chris Burch with Interest in Sumba Island

For many years, the Sumba Island, Indonesia, has been untouched and uncivilized. In the early 1980s, when Petra and Claude Graves come into the island, it had slightly over 750,000 inhabitants. All the Sumbanese cared for, was fulfilling their traditional beliefs and rituals passed down various generations. The Sumba Island was a remote and untouched paradise characterized by beautiful, natural habitats, serene environment surrounded by beautiful beaches. This features attracted the two into building a dream hotel.

In 2012, together with Chris Burch, they embarked on a mission of constructing $30 million five star hotel. For three years the Island was a beehive of activities. They employed locals in building the villas, power installation, and other amenities. The stunning Nihiwatu Resort was opened in 2015. The resort has been recognized for two years running as the best Travel and Leisure hotel in the world.

The hotel surrounding terrain has been deliberately left intact. The 560 acres of property is surrounded by wild nature and scenic environment with natural surfing spots. Nicknamed ‘the Edge of Wildness’ the resort has changed the lifestyle of the Sumbanese community.

Nihiwatu began projects of assisting the local community. Through the Sumba Foundation, they invest around $500,000 annually on local projects. They have provided water, medical facilities, and other social amenities. Consequently, the Indonesia government has come on board with its programme of upgrading the infrastructure. Take a tour to his awesome resort investment, hit this  link on businessinsider.com.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a renowned serial entrepreneur and business executive. Chris has over a four-decade experience of productive investment in various industries. His interest ranges from hospitality, technology, consumer products, and financial services.  For his new and follow on investments, click on prnewswire.com.

Chris Burch investment philosophy has always been creative and full of imaginations. He has successfully diversified his investment portfolios, combined intuitive consumer understanding as well as strong experience in the market.   To learn more about the diversity of his investment portfolio, check burchcreativecapital.com.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Based in New York, the company is a collective investment vehicle that takes existing entrepreneurial opportunities in different portfolios. The enterprise does support the development of consumer and lifestyle brands. Currently, the Burch Creative Capital has included customer brands like Nihiwatu, C. Wonder, Ellen DeGeneres, Cacoon9, and Poppin among others.  More to read here.

Read his views on business related matters visit https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222766

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