Head Of Human Rights Group Professes Support Of Bernie Sanders Live To Shocked Fox News Hostess

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the human rights foundation. He started the humanitarian foundation because as a young man he saw the power of humanitarian work in his own life. His father was falsely imprisoned in Venezuela where he was denigrated and beaten before human rights organizations like Amnesty International stepped in. The human rights organizations works to free Thor’s father from the clutches of a dictator.

The aim of the human rights foundation is to eliminate dictators all over the world and to expose, and ultimately end, any of the dictators corruption. So you could see why Mr. Halvorseen was so confused during a recent Fox News interview.

The interview starts with a hostess that says that socialism is bad. She then turns to for Halvorssen to ask him why socialism is bad, trying to tie his work with the human rights foundation to the common conservative fight against socialism. The founder of the human rights foundation responds by saying that socialism is not necessarily an evil. He then goes on to talk about his passion, explaining that some dictators use socialist governments as a means to exploit their people. He then begins to say that there are plenty of countries around the world that have democratic socialist governments that are run well.

The hostess then intervenes because it seems the segment is getting off topic. She then tries to steer the conversation back to why socialism is bad, saying that supporters of Bernie Sanders do not understand the evils of the Senator’s democratic socialist agenda. She then asks Thor to define socialism.

Thor Halvorssen begins to display an intelligent understanding of socialism when he is interrupted again with the hostess saying that she did not want to get bogged down in the details. That’s one for surprises the hostess with an admission — she has donated to the democratic socialist cause of Mr. Sanders in the maximum amount of $2700.

The confusion of the interviewer seems to show that Fox was trying to use the founder of the human rights foundation to smear the potential presidential nomination of Sen. Sanders, and it failed on live television. Find Thor Halvorssen on Facebook to keep up with news and information.