How Jennifer Walden is Revolutionizing Plastic Surgery in the U.S.

Plastic surgery is a male-dominated field. However, a female plastic surgeon has defied expectations to become one of the most sought-after practitioners in this field. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s career has made her a recognizable leader. Her recent recognition by Harper’s Bazaar as one of America’s best cosmetic surgeons is clearly the highlight of her impressive career. Dr. Walden honed her skills while working under the supervision of New York’s finest plastic surgeons.

Before making a comeback to Austin, Jennifer was running a successful facility in Manhattan. This practice counted A-list celebrities among its clients. Dr. Jennifer Walden remains one of the few women who have served on the board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. During her career, she has received numerous awards, besides having tens of publications under her name. She also makes frequent appearances on national television to debunk common myths and misconceptions that are associated with public surgery.

The Secret Behind Dr. Walden’s Success

While Jennifer might appear to be assertive and strong, she has a warm and caring personality. In addition, she possesses one of the most brilliant minds in practice. Her ability to put those around her at ease, is her strongest asset. Despite being busy, she does not come across as a person who is in a hurry. Jennifer points out that she always strives to be in control of everything that happens around her. Since returning to Austin, he practice has been successful due to the unwavering support that she receives from her family. Her two sons are her main source of inspiration.

Dr. Walden graduated with a biology degree from the University of Texas. Thereafter, she studied medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She had the opportunity to undertake her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During this time, her interest in cosmetic surgery was aroused. Jennifer had a highly successful career in New York. She was part of a team that undertook clinical trials, which preceded the restoration of silicone breast transplants. Since returning to Austin, she has established herself as America’s go-to plastic surgeon. Dr. Walden is a consultant for various aesthetic companies including Venus Concept, and Ideal Implant.

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