Jed McCaleb talks about artificial intelligence and his current businesses

Technology superstar Jed McCaleb is changing the way we look at currency in the world. He uses purpose and focus to accomplish his goals. He is an conscious entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies. His is the co-founder of Stellar, the founder of Ripple, Mt. Gox, and eDonkey.

Mr. McCaleb’s expertise lies in technology which he is very passionate about. He is dedicated to improving the human condition and reduce inefficiency in the world. At his non-profit organization which marries together financial proficiency and technology. Jed was inspired by Bitcoin and what it could for the world, so he co-created a system that connects financial networks together so people who don’t have a lot of resources get the financial money services they need to live their lives.

Jeb McCaleb is passionate about artificial intelligence and how it can positively impact the planet. It is very powerful and is just going to grow in popularity with time. He is advisor and has donated to Machine Intelligence Research Institute, also known as MIRI. Dedicated to making artificial intelligence safe to use and the non-profit organization is creating new tools to achieve this. Being productive is completely necessary for Jed McCaleb. He focuses on one project at a time. He is diligent and prioritizes what he needs to. Mr. McCaleb recommends not to focus on niche things compared to popular beliefs. It is harder to make a bigger or even global impact if you narrow yourself down. Jed is better at building technology and make products than selling it to people and marketing. He also likes to use StackOverFlow which is a great resource and library for answers to programming. Google Docs is another great resource and is well known in the internet world. It is easy to make connections and anyone can access it. Each day he has two modes. The first one is reacting to what is going on around him like answering emails, talking to people, and fulfilling requests. The other mode is being attentive and focused. He gets things done like working on technology by developing new things.

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