Kyle Bass is The Wolf, And The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Playing two sides of a conflict is a great way to make money. The Rothschild family has done that for hundreds of years. They’ll finance both sides of a conflict so that at the end of the day, both sides owe the Rothschild banks. Now, if this financing on the back end were done in tangent to a conflict, then it wouldn’t be so terribly suspect; it would just be opportunism. But what if the Rothschild family were the reason the conflict began in the first place? Then the whole thing was just an elaborate con job. Such speculations are the things of conspiracies, but they are exactly the kind of shenanigans Kyle Bass gets up to on a regular basis, starting well before his public career.

Bass used to work as an executive for Bear-Stearns, one of the top-five investment banks on Wall Street before the 2008 financial collapse. Bass quit working for Bear-Stearns at some point, and gave operational information to a CSPAN representative who used that information to intimate Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in Bear-Stearns on Live TV through a leading question posed to one of Bear-Stearns’ chief officers. Though at that very moment, the operational minutiae Bass had reported on was being corrected via an e-mail time-stamped 9:04 AM and sent from Goldman-Sachs to Bear-Stearns, the damage was already done. By the end of the week, Bear-Stearns had collapsed so completely that they were absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase. But the story doesn’t end there. Bass would very soon thereafter predict a financial collapse on Wall Street no later than the end of the year. He was right, but then again–he was kind of responsible.

Mortgage-backed securities based on sub-prime loans were the invisible suit of the emperor before the child yelled: “You’ve got no clothes!” Only, in this case Bass was both the con-man tailor and the tattle-tale child.

Bass is from Argentina and works as a hedge fund manager in Texas. But Bass has incredibly close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of that country. He also uses a special interest group he’s developed called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs to politically pressure big-ticket pharmaceuticals into dropping prices such that their stock plummets and Bass can profit via short-sell. All these things are the trappings of a con-man manipulating the market. That Bass is involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner indicates a larger mandate likely geared at socialist overhaul.  Read more about Kyle Bass’ career decisions on Useful Stooges.

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