Meet Chris Burch, CEO of Creative Capital and Owner of the World’s Finest Exotic Resort, Nihiwatu Sumba Island Resort

Chris Burch is a living legend having developed some of the world’s finest and most exquisite tropical getaway destinations in South East Asia. The billionaire’s latest hotel venture resulted in an out-of-this-world seven-star resort, Nihiwatu Resort Sumba Island in Indonesia. The exotic Nihiwatu resort doubles up as one of the many overseas holiday homes owned by the veteran hotel developer, Chris Burch.

In 2012, Burch partnered up with his billionaire pal, James McBride to raise capital to buy an Indonesian Island. The duo is reported to have scored an unbelievably incredible deal from the New Jersey couple that originally owned the mostly undeveloped tropical island, Nihi Watu. James and Chris later pumped tens of millions into the place and in less than 2 years it was completely transformed. The destination had turned into an awe-inspiring luxury community complete with 27 beach villas, infinity pools, sports bars, among other inviting tourist amenities.  Additional article on

The finest villa on Sumba Island is set aside for Chris and the family when they are vacationing, but it can also be leased. The other beach villas on Nihi Watu Island fetch for prices ranging from a modest $750 all the way up to $14,000 per night. Click to read more about this awesome vacation spot.

Outside the exotic resort projects, Chris is an innovative visionary who has built over 50 million-dollar companies and counting. Today, Chris runs a prominent venture capital investment firm named Creative Capital. Creative Capital Inc. operates a robust and diversified portfolio that includes investments in tech, fashion and apparel, hospitality and financial services.  Check his diverse investment portfolio, click

Chris Burch, CEO, and Chairman of Creative Capital has been a remarkably gifted marketer with an experience dating back forty years. And, thanks to his shrewd branding capabilities, Creative Capital is today associated with worldwide élite brands and brand names like Ellen DeGeneres, Coccoon9, and Poppin.

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Chris Burch didn’t always have hundreds of millions in his bank accounts. No, it took the visionary investor 40 grueling years to perfect his skills and trades, according to this interview. Chris began building his fortune and empire as a business student at the Ithaca College in Pennsylvania. Teaming up with his brother, Burch launched his first fashion and apparel venture, Eagles Eye Apparel Inc.

Eagle Eye became an instant success and hit at the Ithaca College as the student population bought the entire stocks of sweaters and pajamas. The Burch brothers were making sales of over $60 million annually, by the time they graduated. In a decade’s time, Eagle Eye Apparel was reporting annual sales figures of around $140M. Hard to imagine that the founding brothers came from a middle-class Episcopalian Baltimore family.  To know more about his recent timeline activities, hop over to this.

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