Michael Zomber Speaks About Japanese Metal Swords

Swords have long been used for many purposes. People have used swords in order to defend themselves in combat. They have also used swords as objects of beauty and elegance. Today, swords are mostly used for various kinds of sporting competitions. People also collect swords from contemporary sources as well as from specific periods of history. One person who loves swords of all kinds is Michael Zomber. Zomber is one of the world’s experts on Japanese swords. Ancient Japanese culture was one that valued the creation of elaborate and intricate swords of all kinds. During this time frame, those who made such swords wished to not only use them in combat but also to have them admired as works of impressive art.

His Love Of This Time

Ancient Japan was a highly isolated society. Despite being fairly close to the rest of Asia and societies such as China and Korea, the Japanese rulers of the time opted to decide to keep their citizens away from such places. They thus created conditions in which it was possible and easy for them to develop an indigenous society that was devoted to the creation of metal objects of all kinds including such swords. Zomber is someone who has helped lend his many skills to those in need of his help in learning about this particular time frame. He has spent many years studying the work they did back then to fully understand how they were able to create such objects on their own.

His own World

Zomber has fully placed himself in this world and helped bring it to life in many varied ways. He looks to the ways of the Samurai and writes about them both for his own pleasure and for the use of his many fans. His works about this time frame include novels that show people exactly how such swords were created and what they were used for by the experts of the day. This is why so many people have turned to him for help in understanding exactly what it was that made such items so perfectly wonderful.

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