PSI Pay and the World Before Online Banking

One of the most interesting things about inventions is that it brings forth many types of conveniences that people did not think they needed. Many people were happy with having a place to hold their money for them. However, there was work on bringing even more convenience to people so that they can manage their money in a more efficient manner. This is where online banking comes in. With online banking, many of the established banks have went online and offered people accounts that they can manage online as well as at a location in Durham, UK. Then there came other inventions.

One such invention is that PSI Pay. One good thing about this is that it allows people to handle their money almost exclusively online. It also has a lot of security measures that other online banks and payment processors do not have. This aspect of the online bank makes it much easier to work with and more fun. People can manage their finances with a much better platform and not worry about their bank account getting hacked and them losing a lot of money. With this type of configuration, more people can see the benefits of an online wallet.

One of the best things about a digital wallet such as PSI-Pay is that it is very easy to sign up with. All it takes is a few minutes for people to sign up for an account. They only have to type down their information and then enjoy the benefits of an online bank account. This is a lot different from having to travel around and then go through a lengthy process of filling out the application and getting approved for a bank account. PSI Pay can be trusted to hold onto the money in the account and protect it from getting hacked.


Kamil Idris: Rethinking International Agreements in a Digital Age

Globalization has already changed the rules of international norms, and the paradigms of free trade. But now, in Heidi Harris’ article called “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with Kamil Idris on the pitfalls of Globalization”, she discusses how technology has added even more factors to this discussion. Technology has allowed for innovation, but has also created disputes over the ownership of ideas. She states that intellectual property rights are crucial to protect ideals, but they also have created new issues, as patents are controlled mainly by powerful companies and countries that have the necessary resources.

Kamil Idris, is the former director of the WIPO, and has a vast amount of experience dealing with intellectual property on a global and state level. He argues that globalization has driven an export heavy global market, and with this, the growth of patents has skyrocketed. This has not only opened up the doors for piracy and counterfeit issues, but it also has caused new issues involving disparity. Many third world countries, mainly in Africa, have not been able to keep up with the purchasing power of wealthy countries, and have fallen behind in the sphere of patents and intellectual property. The WTO has already acknowledged that reform needs to occur in these fields.

For example, the WIPO Copyright Treaty, is an old agreement, first signed in 1887 during the Berne Conference in Switzerland. This agreement has looked to protect intellectual property in the forms of science, literature, and art. It is likely that this needs to expand more to the digital age as well. Another important agreement is the The Agreement of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property. This is considered to be the most comprehensive agreement yet signed, and it is one of the first to be based strictly around regulations in the digital age. It is looking to create protections and accountability. As technology progresses, changes will be made to how we look at free markets and the liberalization of information. New agreements will be crucial to these changes, and how we move ahead.


Traits of a Successful Investor with Jose Hawilla

Success is not for a specific group in the community. However, success has a price. It is not freely given. Although there is no clear path to success, there are certain things that you can do to become a successful entrepreneur. Here are some of the things;


Choose Something You Love


Passion is something that contributes to the success of every investor. It is vital that you choose something that you enjoy doing. It is the passion that keeps you going when you are waiting for the business to stabilize.


Be a Planner


Planning is very important for every business. Be sure to plan your day and resources. It helps you range the progress of the firm.


A firm that is not good at planning incurs a lot of losses.




Focus on Understanding your Clients


Many investors underrate the power of the customer in the business. It is important to understand the behavior and needs of your consumers.


Focusing on providing what they want satisfies their needs creating strong long-term relationships, which helps you in maintaining sales.


Choose your Team Wisely


Your team determines the success of your firm significantly. For example, the salespersons of the company represent the company to the world. The way the outsiders perceive your company is the way it is communicated to them by the salespersons.


Ensure your team gets to understand how everything in the company is run, and they can answer all the questions of the customers. You can check to see more.



Be Hardworking


It is important that you work hard in your business. There are a lot of benefits that one reaps in working hard work. For example, it is through working hard that you get to understand other valid ways to handle your business. It also perfects your skills as a result of repetition.


Jose Hawilla is one investor who has all the above traits. Hawilla is known for his ownership of the Traffic Group. After being a sports journalist for more than a decade, Hawilla lost his job. Instead of letting frustration consume him, he bought the Traffic Company and built it into the international marketing sports company it is today.

American Patriot Ronald Fowlkes Is Still Giving Back To His Community After All These Years

Eagle Industries Unlimited Business Development Manager Ronald Fowlkes is an American businessman with a very inspirational story. Ronald’s duties with the company include educating customers and sales representatives as to the uses of the tactical equipment that Eagle Industries sells. Ronald is kept busy making sure that the sales representatives know they products and can recommend the right thing to the right customer and he also keeps in contact with the company’s many clients in the law enforcement, sporting and military industries. Ronald Fowlkes excels at this job because he is an expert in the use of tactical gear. He has a deep background in the military and law enforcement and has personally put his life on the line many times while using key pieces of tactical equipment. Outside of work, Ronald Fowlkes is committed to giving back to his community and he does so through his work with youth hockey. Anyone who knows Ronald knows that he is a lifelong and devoted fan of the sport of hockey.


Ronald Fowlkes joined the United States Marine Corps in 1989 upon his high school graduation. He has always been very patriotic and so serving his country seemed like the natural occupation for him to go into. While in the Marine Corps, Ronald was twice promoted due to merit. He also gained extensive training working in the Marine Special Ops unit and attended the United States Army Parachute School. The Gulf War occurred during Ronald’s term of service and he proudly served.


Following his successful career in the Marines, Ronald Fowlkes decided he still wanted to give back to society and so he entered into a thirteen-year career in the law enforcement industry. Ronald served on both the St. Louis Metropolitan and St. Louis County police departments during his police career. After he left law enforcement, he went to work in a job that allowed him to use many of the skills he had gained in his military and police work.


Ronald fits in perfect with the tactical equipment industry because he has so much experience in fields that extensively use this type of gear. His real-life experience makes him the perfect insider to be able to judge what products best serve the needs of the customers at Eagle Industries.


Ronald Fowlkes has always been a man dedicated to service and these days he serves his community in a coaching role with his son’s hockey team. Ronald is the equipment guy for the team, making sure that all of the team’s equipment is functioning at the top level. He loves showing the young people that he mentors how to properly maintain their equipment. Ronald also makes use of his extensive knowledge of physical fitness training regiments by serving as the off ice trainer for the hockey team.


Peter Briger Principal of Fortress Investment Group with a Heart of Gold

Making profits from your investments in the current financial markets is what many would say tricky. Reaching the financial markets and investing accordingly is a lot more complicated than it may seem, and only the experienced investment managers can make near accurate speculations about where the market is heading. Such speculation is created due to years of experience and critically analyzing the market momentum and pace from time to time. There are various parameters on which the market predictions are made, and the investment managers are privy to it. It is why; individuals, as well as corporations, trust the investment managers with their investment and assets. One of the investment management firms that have gained quite a lot of success in a relatively short span of time is Fortress Investment Group.

The company has its head office in New York but has a global presence with satellite offices in major economic hubs in the different parts of the world.The Principal and the Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group is Peter Briger. He was a student of Princeton University and also has an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Right after college, he was offered a job at Goldman Sachs. It was during his time at the company that he developed skills in the financial area. After working for the company for close to 15 years, he was offered a great position at Fortress Investment Group, and he couldn’t say no. He joined the company after four years of its inception in 2002. Over the years, he has helped the company grew considerably, and so did his income.

In 2008, he was on the Forbes World’s Billionaire List standing at number 962. But, it is not just the money that he is interested in. He is part of a lot of philanthropy work but does not always talk about them.Peter Briger has always helped support young entrepreneur as he feels that they are filled with new ideas. But, they often face issues in securing funds to start their ventures. It is the reason why Peter Briger is one of the top contributors of the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund. The fund was created to help young entrepreneurs who have just completed their studies with the necessary money and resources such as mentorship and other learning opportunities that are essential to start their venture. The college has already funded about 25 start-ups since 2015.

Sussex Healthcare

Many people are concerned about the health and well-being of older members of their family. While searching for facilities and communities to help care for these family members can be hard to find, there’s one company that stands among the elite of this type of facility.

Sussex Healthcare provides care for older people as well as people with different health concerns from Alzheimer’s to people living with neurological disabilities and other cognitive issues. The founders of Sussex Healthcare are Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Let’s take a look at Sussex Healthcare and the founders of this great company and find out what sets it apart from all the other healthcare facilities.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania and received formal training from the University of London in 1975. Shafik participated in many organizations and is a current member of Aga Khan Development Network.

Shiraz Boghani has a background in the hospitality field and is an active member of Splendid Hospitality hotel group. One of Shiraz’s proudest accomplishments was becoming a recipient of the Asian Business Awards Hotelier of the year in 2016.

The doors of Sussex Healthcare opened in 1985 as an option to improve the overall health of many people in need of a variety of services. Sussex’ has built a positive reputation and it has expanded its services to over 20 facilities. The Sussex Healthcare brand now includes a state of the art gym, residential housing, and also daycare centers.

While Sussex’ main concern is helping people who want to improve their quality of life, having a committed and professional staff is also a top priority. Besides offering a competitive salary to all of their workers, Sussex also supplies a great training program and continuing education to keep all their workers informed on changing treatments and the latest in innovations.

As currently constructed, the types of services that Sussex provides are Specialist Adult care, short and long term care, and Palliative care for people of all ages.

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Chris Burch Life Advice

Chris Burch has lived a successful life in many ways. Not only is he a prominent business owner, but he has built significant wealth during his career. Many people enjoy hearing about his stories from early in his career. He is the type of person who is continuously trying to improve himself. Many people ask for his advice on a variety of topics (

Chris Burch believes that he can take his company to a new level. Not only does he have numerous plans for the future, but he also wants to support various charities during his career. He is currently working on a project for the Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort is one of the best hotels in the entire world. Although it required a massive investment in the beginning, he is proud of the growth in the hotel.

College and Career

Chris Burch attended college at Ithaca. During his time at the school, he learned valuable lessons about creating and maintaining a business. Many people are interested in hearing the story about his first business. He founded a company called Eagle Eye. The company only offered one product, but the local college students loved it. The company quickly expanded and provided products in additional areas. Chris Burch ran the company with his brother, and eventually let his brother take over all operations.

Other Ventures

Chris Burch is an angel investor and entrepreneur who is constantly looking for new opportunities. Many people enjoy hearing about his success in the business world. Chris Burch recently invested in Voss Water, which is one of the largest specialty water companies in the world.

In the coming years, Chris Burch plans to increase his investments in various asset classes. Although he grew up in a middle-class family, Chris Burch has built considerable wealth and is now one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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Why Bob Reina is the King of Video Marketing

Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is what most consider to be the world’s video marketing genius. When the company started in 2007, the core product for the company was video sent through email. Having spent numerous years in the fields of marketing and direct selling Reina is aware of the opportunity to build a business on technology alone. With a global vision, and a vision for helping people gain their financial independence, Reina built one of the fastest growing companies in the marketplace for technology. While his passion for helping others has much to do with his success today, he has become one of the most popular individuals to interview about his personal success story.


In a recent interview with Bob Reina, he discusses how Talk Fusion got started, and the inspiration behind starting the company. The first thing that Reina mentions is his career as a police officer. Like so many other in his field, Reina felt stifled by his career and his paycheck. As a police officer, he could only make so much. Moving up the ranks could take years. He never gave up on his mission to find the answer to gaining control of his future. Reina continued searching for ways out of that career to build wealth in order to support his family and create a secure future. One day during a shift at an off-duty job, Reina was introduced to network marketing. This was what he refers to as his, “Aha moment”. It was then that he realized there is a way to earn more and help others.


While attempting to send a video clip through email to his family in 2004, Reina discovered his opportunity. He knew that he could solve this problem and he began seeking for the right folks to help him. The end result was the birth of Talk Fusion, a way to merge video and email for simple communication. He chose to market through direct selling, and use the model that was intended to help everyone generate income from the efforts of one another. Learn more:

Randal Nardone: The Principal At Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone has been a well-reputed name in the financial field and has served as an important name when it comes to investment and asset management. He has been working in the field of finance for several years and has served at notable positions within several companies. The work that he has been doing has helped several companies all over the country who want to improve their financial situation, and who want to be able to develop their businesses in the industries that they are in.After working in the financial field for several years, Nardone decided that it was time to venture out on his own and start up his private company. It was a plan that he had wanted to put into action for several years, and only in 1998 believed that it was time for him to start up a company of his own. He teamed up with a few well-known financialists who together formed a company that would stand to take on the field.

By putting together their years worth of experience, and also by implementing all that they had learned through the course of their careers, Fortress Investment Group was formed.Randal Nardone has been an essential part of the development that Fortress Investment Group has seen through the years. Being with the company all through the journey, he knew the routes that the company would have to take to develop. He was also a part of the transition that the company had made in 2007 when it decided to go public and let people invest in them through the New York Stock Exchange. Because of this move, Fortress Investment Group becomes the first investment company of its kind to do so, giving them a lot of positive recognition. Many other companies followed in the company’s footsteps, but it was only because of the forethought of experienced professionals like Nardone that the company was able to take on this endeavor.Fortress Investment Group was not the first place that Nardone took up an executive position within the company.

Before coming and working with Fortress Investment Group, Nardone worked with a company known as Springleaf Financial Holdings. He served as the Principal at this company and significantly improved its workings through the numerous developments that he implemented. Another company that Nardone has worked for in the past was Newcastle Holdings, which is also a place where he stood at an executive position. He served as the Vice President of the company and implemented a number of strategic moves to improve its overall workings. Fortress Investment Group might have been the biggest leap in Nardone’s career, but he already had ample amount of experience working with a wide range of clients. During the course of his long career, he has worked with businesses and corporations belonging to an array of different sectors and has helped them grow by implementing a number of plans of action that are beneficial to them and work around the needs that the company might have.

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Jason Hope Supporting Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope has worked with some amazing people in his career as a technology developer. Since 2010 one of his philanthropic efforts has been to donate a significant portion of his charitable giving to the work of Aubrey de Grey at the SENS Research Foundation. Aubrey de Grey is the founder and chief research officer of SENS. SENS Research Foundation is working on an anti-aging mechanism that will lengthen the lives of others according to Aubrey de Grey, indefinitely. Jason Hope donated $500,000 in 2010 to aid the research of the SENS Research Foundation and has continued to offer charitable support for their advanced scientific research. Jason Hope joins many other large donors who have joined Aubrey de Grey in funding his research. Aubrey de Grey donated more than half of the $16.5 Million he received as an inheritance after the death of his Mother. Peter Thiel has also become a large contributor to the work being done on anti-aging at SENS Research Foundation.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State and earned a master’s degree in business administration. His first real commercial success came after he was successful with several technology businesses. Jasono Hope’s accumulated wealth from these early start-ups allowed him to start making generous contributions to charitable work. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale and besides his work with SENS, he also has other nonprofits he works with. Jason Hope offers consultation to entrepreneurs and advice to the young. His interests are education and politics. He believes deeply the internet as it is effecting the world today and into the future.

Jason Hope extends much of his help to nonprofits near Phoenix. Andre Agassi Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of America and Teach for America.

Jason Hope has recently begun a specific fund to provide grants to high school students as well as university students who have a breakthrough technology idea they are working on. The grants range from $500 to $5000. Jason Hope encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their work of creating new technology that will make contributions to better society.

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