The Chainsmokers Share Their Music Making Experiences With Fans

The Chainsmokers have been changing things up this past year after a two-year-long streak of being one of the biggest names in the business. WIth new hits coming out nearly every month, the Chainsmokers rode a wave starting in 2015 that saw them on the top of nearly all music charts on a constant basis. As many celebrities know, fans and the media can be a finicky thing, which is capable of bringing a person up, or bringing them crashing down. The Chainsmokers have dealt with their fair share of scrutiny and criticism over the years dealing with the industry and their audiences and it seems it finally caught up to them after a couple of years time.

Starting in 2018, the Chainsmokers started releasing a completely new style of music that they haven’t done before. Although it has a different vibe to it, it tries to tell a story and an important one at that. More than ever, the Chainsmokers want to connect with their audiences and give them someone to relate to, letting the people know they are more than celebrities. In their latest songs, including Sick Boy, they have addressed various things going on in the world today as well as the many critics that have fired shots at them. What’s most important to the Chainsmokers moving forward is that they continue to grow and evolve as musicians. They do not want to get stuck on a bandwagon only producing music that others want them to.

In recent news, the Alex and Andrew of the Chainsmokers have been reaching out to fans, sharing some insight on how they create their songs. They have a short clip up for their fans to see and more in the works to show people just what goes into making one of their critically acclaimed songs. Whether it’s in the party theme or something new, fans are always happy to hear something new from the Chainsmokers and they have assured fans there is plenty more coming down the road.

Tourism and Hospitality is all about Customer Experience, says CVC founder, Guilherme Paulus

     Traveling, touring and exploring new places is one of the most fulfilling things that a person can do. Whether you travel for fun or on business, it is always exciting because you get to see new places, meet new people and get to learn about different ways of doing things and living. If you are touring Latin America or on business, there is one man, who has dedicated his career to see to it, that you get the best services during your time. He is Guilherme Paulus, co-founder of CVC; the most prominent tour agent in Brazil and extensive Latin America. Paulus is also the president of GJP Hotels Network, which is among the most popular and recommended groups of hotels in Brazil. Paulus says that he has built his two hospitality brands, CVC & GJP on the philosophy of customer service and offering premium service.

His journey to building his tourism empire started when he was working at a tours company called Casa Faro travel agency, where the idea to venture out on his own struck him. Today CVC has grown to a multi-national million dollar company, and Guilherme Paulus is confident of an upward scaling in the future. According to the tour mogul, he has continued o expand his enterprise because he mainly enjoys the process of creating memorable experiences to all his clients. In the process, he has created thousands of jobs and contributed to the growth of his native country, Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus takes pride in the fact that the two brands can meet customer expectations because of their ability to innovate. It is this trend that has grown CVC, to have a physical presence in all states of Brazil with 1,164 stores and close to 10,000 travel agents. Paulus attributes the growth to their business ethics of always doing more for the customer and loving their clients.

All through his career, Guilherme has displayed high work ethics, dating back to the time he was an intern at IBM while still at the age of 20. Guilherme says that he loves the industry of tourism and hospitality because he can make new contacts every day which go a long way in expanding his empire. He adds that the dream of his company is to become the most prominent tourism company on the globe, and also open up the Latin America market in a big way.

More about Guilherme Paulus

Other than serving as President of CVC and GJP, he is also a member of the Tourism National Board, after appointment by Brazil’s president. As a result of Carlyle group purchasing 63.6% stake of his tourism empire, CVC at a value of about $420 million, he features on Forbes Billionaires list. He urges entrepreneurs not to shy away from risk, to love what they do and remain determined and optimistic.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Assumes The Mantle Of Leadership At Bradesco

     There is nothing more crucial than the administration of a corporation. The change in management could break or make the reputation of a company. Some companies have experienced a loss in shares if not total collapse, while others see massive expansion beyond expectation. This is the same dilemma that faced Banco Bradesco.

Change in leadership at Bradesco

Banco Bradesco SA, one of the largest financial firms in Brazil faced tremulous times with the departure of Lazaro de Mello who had served as chairman for twenty-five years. The dynasty that has existed for decades over decades experienced a shift in dynamics with the change of leadership. When the announcement was made, it was expected that someone in the firm would take up the vacant seat. The only question was who it would be.

Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was found most appropriate for this esteemed role due to his over 40-years’ experience at Bradesco. He has worked at different positions and sectors of the bank acquiring vast knowledge of the day to day operations from the lowest station to the highest. However, he would have to serve both roles of President and Chairman until a new President is appointed.

Trabuco’s Journey Within Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started out as a bank teller in Marilia branch of Bradesco at the age of 18. He worked his way up to the position of Director of Marketing at Sao Paulo. In this position, Mr. Trabuco created a more transparent relationship with media which helped Bradesco gained popularity within the industry and the nation at large. In 1992 he went on to become President and Executive Director of the Bradesco pension division, Bradesco Vida e Previdência. A title he held till 1998. Luiz became Managing Director the following year, and a year later he became Executive Vice President. In 2003, Trabuco became President of Bradesco Seguros where he more than doubled the size of the company. With the rapport he built in that office, he was appointed the president in 2009.

Background Information

Luiz Carlos was born in1951, in Marilia, the birthplace of Banco Bradesco. He has a post-graduate degree in Socio-Psychology and a degree both from the University of Sao Paulo. While at Bradesco, he has been a recipient of several awards which include: insurance Personal of the Year in 2006 and 2007, the Don Quixote Trophy in 2009 and Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category in 2015. He also appeared in the Forbes Magazine List of Best CEOs in Brazil.

Clayton Hutson On How His Career Blossomed

Multi talentedmusic producer Clayton Hutson is a thoughtful, hardworking individual with a passion for the entertainment industry. He owns his own company that specializes in managing, production, and design for concerts. Clayton has drawn in some big clients because of his professionalism, talent, and great work ethic. He recently sat down for an interview to find out how his mind works and what technique he uses to be a productive and successful entrepreneur. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson always makes sure to be three steps ahead of himself so he can get everything done on time. This even includes all the tiny details, no matter how pointless they seem. He also has a team that works for his company and Clayton delegates tasks for them to do. This makes it so much more efficient and easy. When he is on the road, Mr. Hutson plans the next day, a day ahead so he can get as much done as he can. With concerts there is a lot to get done, and not always a lot of time, so it is essential to plan everything out. As a young man Clayton wanted to earn a college education to further is career possibilities. He started off at Central Michigan University where he achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Technical Production and Theatre Design.


Mr. Hutson was not just satisfied with a Bachelor’s degree and continued his education at University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Upon graduating the young man achieved a Master of Business Administration degree. From there he would work for multiple production companies that would help further his career and provide his with a set of skills and knowledge that would serve his for years to come. It also helped him launch his own business. Clayton Hutson has worked with the likes of Billy Graham, Kanye West, Garbage, Pink, Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, OneRepublic, and Kid Rock to name a few.


Clayton hopes one day he will become a well known film and TV actor, so he auditions for roles in his spare free time. So far Mr. Hutson has snagged a few small roles in TV commercials and as an extra on a few TV shows. Certainly this is only the beginning we will see of Clayton Hutson because he has a bright future ahead of him. He is originally from Glendale, California but now lives in New York City.

Wes Edens: Billionaire, Chairman and Sports Team Owner

Wes Edens has had a career in the business world that has taken him to the heights in his particular field. Mr. Edens began his career in the world of finance after completing a bachelors degree in finance at Oregon State University. Upon graduation, Wes Edens worked at Lehman Brothers beginning in 1987. He became a partner and the firm’s managing director. In 1993, Mr. Edens moved on to BlackRock Asset Investors working in the private equity unit. He remained with that firm until 1997. In 1998, Wes Edens founded a new firm called Fortress Investments along with Randall Nardone and Robert Kaufmann. Robert Kaufmann has since left the firm and been replaced as a principal by Peter Briger.Fortress Investments is an alternative asset management company.

Wes Edens is the co-CEO of the company, and he works in the private equity side of the business.In this side of the business, Mr. Edens and his team look for assets in key industries that are undervalued. By investing in these businesses, they are able to generate value for those who invest in the firm’s funds. Currently, the private equity line at Fortress invests in the financial services, transportation, energy and healthcare services industries.Fortress Investments has seen phenomenal growth under the leadership of Wes Edens and his co-founders. Currently, the firm manages almost $41 billion in assets. In 2017, Fortress Investments was purchased by SoftBank of Japan.

The two companies are operated separately, and Mr. Edens retains his leadership role in the company that he helped to found. In the latest edition of Forbes list of billionaires, Wes Edens ranked 962 with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion. This figure includes wealth from Fortress and from his sports team.In addition to his endeavors in the financial world, Wes Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks who play in the NBA. Mr. Edens and his partner purchased the Bucks from the former owner Senator Herb Kohl for over $500 million. Mr. Edens has pledged to keep the team in Milwaukee, and a new arena is being constructed for the team.

Alex Pall DJing and Show

It was an interview with Alex Pall from the Chainsmokers group and Rosenzweig. After Alex Pall was asked about the ways they are doing to make a change in their live show that has been visually catering for their audience, this is what the former DJ in New York City said.

He said that it will forever be changing as their audience keep expanding and therefore they have to ensure they are pushing themselves. With their song ” Selfie” it took them to the entire world once. At this time, Alex Pall and his duo partner Andrew Taggart have managed to go twice or thrice. This is upon them to ensure that they have brought a show that is new and exciting. It has to comes down to them. They want to avoid doing the same things every time but they want to do things that are exciting and they have to keep pushing themselves.

When you look at their song “Closer” which is coming out, they are planning to dramatically change their shows, and Andrew appears there singing and doing his stuff too. In them, there is a performance element that is in their show and it will start getting bigger and bigger. As they plan to move forward, they are planning to put a festival and it is basically a curated show and at the heart, the show belongs to everyone. The duos are still talking about it with a further step in the production together with the short acts which are an obvious thing that they have been doing. Their first ones which were at the Red Rock, it even sold out like an advance of seven months. Then they speak of the big fall tour and it was planned to be at the spring period in 2017, where they are making plans for mixing videos of lives show together with DJ show.

They are proud of themselves because they have been performing their songs live because it has been transcending their typical DJ. When he talks to them visualize about their shows every day, he tells them about making new things that are unique and have new content in them. This is because if you have a complacent, it is the time someone has taken your spot. That is a common hustle currently.

OSI Food Solutions Wins the Globe of Honor Award

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest food processors and suppliers in the world. The company focuses on protein products such as Hot dogs, sausages, chicken and bacon. The business has had tremendous growth since its launch, and over the years, it has continued to provide unsurpassed food safety and quality products. The firm has grown to spread its roots around the world, and it has a good knowledge of the global flavor and customer’s needs. They provide custom food solutions that match every client’s requests with exceptional culinary skills.

Osi Food solutions has been under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer. He has led the company with all his might to make it a success. The OSI Food has extended its services to more than 17 countries and operates in more than 65 facilities. Since its existence, the food plant has provided numerous job opportunities and is currently operating under a workforce of more than 20,000 employees. The company’s management staffs work to explore and embrace innovative solutions. Even though the company was recognized as one of the top 100 largest private companies in the United States, the OSI Food Solutions has continued to improve its output and has been seeking partnership with other companies.

The company’s efforts in environmental management have been recognized severally. In 2016, the OSI Food Solutions was recognized by the British Safety Council with the Globe of Honor Award. They were also presented with the Environmental Recognition award by the North America Meat Institute and won the California Green Business Award. The food solution company has continually participated in expansion activities in response to customer’s needs. Recently, they have been working to double the chicken products production capacity in Spain from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. The expansion was to meet the increased chicken products demands.

The OSI Food has also made joint ventures and signed a couple of partnerships to maximize the capabilities. They acquired Baho Foods, a food processing plant based in Dutch. The acquisition will increase the production capacity that meets the Netherlands customers’ demands. They also acquired the Flagship Europe, a food solution firm based in Colorado. The purchase will extend the OSI Food presence in Europe market. The other notable acquisition was the Tyson foods in 2016. Tyson Foods is a food provider company based in Chicago. The purchase was in response to the growing customers’ needs in Chicago.

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Challenge Shervin Pishevar At Your Own Risk

You might have strong opinions about Shervin Pishevar and his thoughts on the economy. He is a character that often draws a lot of controversy whenever he speaks. He is the kind of person that people like to read and then judge. Shervin Pishevar is perfectly fine with this. In fact, he puts out a lot of his thoughts on his Twitter account for all to read.

The most recent thing that Pishevar did was go on a so-called tweet storm. This is when someone on Twitter puts out a lot of tweets on the same or similar topics all at once. It is them getting all of their ideas out at the same time. A lot of people do this from time to time, but few do it as effectively as Shervin Pishevar. He is an expert of the medium. He has continued to be a big voice in the financial world.

Shervin Pishevar proved himself to be a voice worth listening to when he became an early investor in Uber. He saw the company had potential well before most others. He got paid off handsomely for his early investment and has maintained a strong reputation in the financial world since that time.

The tweet storm that he put out on this occasion started with a tweet about a coming economic storm the likes of which could be devastating. He suggested that the stock market might fall by as much as twenty percent and that it was not unreasonable for people to think that Bitcoin could be down to two to five thousand dollars per coin before it slowly started to rebound.

It is the view of Pishevar that this is exactly the way in which things are going to happen. He feels that people have gotten overly excited about both the market and Bitcoin. If things pull back a little, then Pishevar might be interested once again in investing in them, but for the time being he is skeptical of the pricing that we are seeing in these particular investment vehicles. He wants more evidence that something has fundamentally shifted in the economy.

Academy of Art University Offers A Chance to Write About Fashion

Adriana Georgiades has gained a scholarship to take a class in fashion journalism with Academy of Art University. She has studied in South Africa and has gained a degree in journalism and media studies. However, she felt limited in what she can write about. She was only able to write about news or sports. When it came to fashion, she was disregarded. Therefore, she found herself at a loss. One thing that she has noticed is that a lot of people don’t seem to take fashion seriously as a topic. Adriana Georgiades found herself at a loss. Fortunately, Academy of Art University has come to the rescue for her.

It is understandable that a lot of people may find fashion to be a boring topic to read about. However, there is a lot to talk about in the rich history of fashion. Fashion as an art can be recognized by plenty of people. They can look at some of the elegant pieces as well as some of the more weird looking pieces of fashion. Adriana loves fashion. Therefore, this is an exciting opportunity for her because she gets to cover some of the events of fashion. She also gets to look at the different items that inspire her.

Fashion can be very interesting to write about, especially for people who are passionate about fashion and know what it can do for people. Among the different topics one can write about with training from Academy of Art University are people to dress for. Adriana is likely going to get a chance to write for one of the fashion blogs. She might even get to write for Fashion School Daily, which is a fashion blog of Academy of Art University. This is going to be a dream job for Adriana. She feels fortunate to have this opportunity.


Why People Like Igor Cornelsen Choose Investing

One of the most interesting thing about entrepreneurs is that they choose similar activities. While some entrepreneurs decide to make their money through sales, many entrepreneurs try their hand at investing. People like Igor Cornelsen go on to become successful investors. There are reasons why people become investors when they decide to be entrepreneurs. These reasons make a lot of sense. However, the success rate of investing is not as high as one would think. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are aware of what they are getting into when they invest. The following are reasons why people get involved in investing.

One of the reasons that people choose to invest in order to make their money is that it is one of the easiest ways to get started. While other types of businesses may require a lot of time, planning and even some patenting if there is any type of invention involved, investing cuts straight to the point. Another reason that people choose investing is that they often come from a financial background. Igor Cornelsen has been an investment banker. He has went on to become a successful investor and an investment adviser. He helps people make the right choices with their money.

Instead of putting in a lot of time to bring in money, investors use their money in order to bring in more money. This can come in various forms. Among the forms of money that people get is interest. This is perhaps the method of gaining money that has the least risk. The riskier forms of investing involve trading. Other forms of investing include real estate investing. When people look at investing, they see that there is a ton of diversity. They can choose assets and commodities to trade so that they can make a living.

Igor Cornelsen is an expert when it comes to using money. He knows all of the different factors that go into making money as an investor. He urges people to know the rules and boundaries in order to avoid any trouble. He also urges investors to connect with business owners in their community.