The Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic role of Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is famous for being visionary and innovative about resorts, the alternative spaces of residence and resorts.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, he presently works as the Burch Creative Capital’s CEO. He has an enormous experience that exceeds forty years. In the course of his duty, he has contributed significantly to the success of over fifty companies. The success came through because he is skilled in investment, experienced and has an understanding related to consumer behavior. His expertise field entails a lot including hospitality, financial services, technology, and apparel.  For an investor’s detail, hit

His journey to success started at the time he was in college. He attended Ithaca College. It is worth noting that he attended began establishing his empire before graduating. Remarkably, he made an investment worth $2000 with his brother. This went into the launching of Eagle Eye Apparel. However, they hadn’t cleared their undergraduate studies but were almost. It all started with the sale of sweaters on door-to-door basis within their college and its neighborhoods. Within a short time, the company sales totaled to $60 million. At the launch of the firm, Chris Burch discovered ways of developing direct consumer marketing plans as well as finding efficient sources of production. It is through the utilization of the route that he developed his mindset alongside entrepreneurship that made him gain success in his endeavors.  Learn more of his creative vision and output, check

As well, he supports many charitable activities as well as medical training done by the NY Langone as well as the Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. This adds up to the fact that he has worked together with various Asian foundations such as The China Association of Social Work and The Child Welfare League of China.

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He owns a resort by the name Nihi Sumba Island which is situated in the remote sections of the Indonesia region. Through teaming up with his James McBride in the year 2012, they set up a luxury resort consisting of twenty-seven villas blending seamlessly into the natural features of the region. Read and learn more of the resort’s awesome features here.

Notably, the villas are made of natural stone and teak wood. Their nestling is between forest shrubbery, palm trees, hilltop views, and vines. The idea of such a construction style is the identification of an area where most would never expect. The rest of the natural surroundings are left undisturbed. Additional article on

Apart from the completed projects and the accomplishments already realized, his present plans entail the transformation of Nihi Hotels into build resorts situated near North America. It will result in improved access to the Millennial travelers.

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