The Growing Popularity of Charter Schools

As our education system has been called into question time and time again the popularity of charter schools has increased immensely. They are quickly becoming the go to institution for educating the youth. Receiving a good education is especially difficult for children who come from low income homes. This is very concerning considering the American Dream is built on the poor being able to educate themselves to escape poverty.

Rocketship Education (RSED) is making a huge impact in low income communities in the state of California. The Redwood City based non profit charter school network garnered a lot of praise early on when its first elementary school put up strong test scores. People were especially impressed with the charter operator’s innovative blended learning approach. The approach effectively mixed traditional teaching with computer programs. This methods also cuts back on administrative costs.

Since RSED’s founding more than a decade ago it has established 25 upper echelon public charter schools for the purpose of improving education opportunities for those in low income communities. The San Jose area has particularly benefited from RSED. Its effect has been transformative in the public school system. The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University reports students attending a reputable charter learn much more effectively.

Though RSED’s headquarters is located in Redwood City it opened its first charter school in San Jose 10 years ago. Because of the student test scores at its flagship school began to grow rapidly, gaining supporters across the state of California. In just five years it opened six more schools in the area. By 2014 RSED had expanded its network to Nashville, Tennessee. So far it has been able maintain its student test scores despite its reliance on technology. The RSED actively encourages families to be involved in the school.

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