The year ahead for Diversant LLC

Diversant is a leading African American owned IT firm that offers solutions in staffing. The company is committed to help others achieve their desired growth. This has been true throughout, even during the economic hard times, the company was thriving. It has a great reputation for being one of the most successful of the fortune 500 companies.

At the helm of the company and acting as principal is John Goullet. He has been a part of the development of not one but many successful ventures in the IT business. He started out working in IT, however, in 1994, he decided to make a career change and try his hand in staffing. The fact that he understands the emerging market trends completely made it simple for him to start off Info technologies, the IT Company that would offer IT solutions to nationwide fortune 500 firms. Barely half a decade after the company was founded, it had grown to a capital base of $30 million. This earned it spot as one of top 10 of the 500 firms that were growing really fast in the country.

After operating alone for a while, he decided to take up an offer to merge his company with that of Gene, Diversant. The resulting outfit was to be known as Diversant LLC. As the principal, he can comfortably carry out his passion of helping people and organizations face the ever changing world of technology.

The company is currently offering a lot of mentorship to businesses that are owned by minority groups. They do this to help the upcoming companies get the motivation to achieve more. In addition to this, the company is involved in a number of community outreach programs. These include the PACE, which stands for the program for acceleration of careers of engineering. The program is supposed to pick students schooling in high schools in underprivileged areas and help them to prepare for technical careers.

Another charity that john and the company are involved in is the Harlem business alliance. This is an advocacy group for the retention of Harlem’s business community. The alliance is supposed to deal with disinvestment and abandonment of the area by the corporations. The aim is to urge the businesses to come together. These and many more are activities which show what an exceptional leader josh is.

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