This is What Happened after Using the Cleansing Conditioner on My Hair

Definitely most of us have witnessed the QVC infomercials concerning the hair care line at some point in their lives. Actually, you might be aware of all the gorgeous looking ladies shaking their hair around and arguing that the cleansing conditioner is just but a magic put inside a bottle. As one of the great hair fanatics, I had to do everything possible to try figure out if the rumors were indeed true.

So, I decided to place the WEN Cleansing Conditioner in order to carry out the test and see if it could change my thin hair into the TV- worthy luscious strands.

In case you have never heard of the Wen cleansing Conditioner, they are products which are basically all in one shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment. The brand usually boasts that these products can always work better for any type of hair depending on the type of formulation you try to use. This made me try to use the sephora fig version since it has promised to provide my hair with shine, moisture and bounce.

Though there have been not so great news concerning the side affected of using the products, I decided to take the risk. As someone who is always interested with beauty products, I decide to use the opportunity though I was well aware of the risks associated with using the products.

About the Wen by Chaz

Chaz has been developing new products like WEN for some time before tending to the clients at his salon and styling for the award shows and fashion shows. Being an inspiration to many people around the globe, Chaz Dean has managed to transform so many lives by assisting his clients attain the type of hair they have always dreamt of having

The passion being witnessed by Chaz Dean all started by his love for photography. He registered for several commercial photography courses which managed to motivate him to register in a school of cosmetology immediately after he moved to Los Angeles. However, his interest in the hair quickly turned into a professional career where he managed to specialize in both color and cutting. At the same time, Chaz was working on developing his skills and he later started assisting successful firms come up with a product line. This is where he developed the interested in coming up with products. Chaz quickly climbed up the ranks becoming a manager.


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