Western Governments Criticize Venezuela, But Ignore France

Western nations and media organizations have reacted with anger over the declaration of a state of emergency by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in his bid to deal with the humanitarian issues facing the country. The criticism of Venezuela comes as the European nation of France made the decision to extend a state of emergency in the country that has been in place since Novemebr 13th 2015.
Telesur detailed the strange decision and reactions to both state of emergency decision that have seen many ignore the ongoing crisis in France. President Nicolas Maduro explained to government officials the need he feels for a state of emergency to be declared in Venezuela as food shortages and a severe drought have left the oil rich Latin American country in a severe humanitarian crisis. Conservative government officials like Jose Manuel Gonzalez urged Venezuelan people to ignore the state of emergency and act in other ways to avoid the humanitarian crisis from growing.

The nation of France extended its own state of emergency through the summer in a bid to keep soccer’s European Championships and the French Open tennis tournament safe from attack. Officials in the U.S. including Gonzalez criticized the state of emergency in Venezuela, but have yet to comment on the decision to extend the use of that in France.